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Kampajobs case: Database Enrichment and Structuring

Imagine having a vast database that you take pride in, yet encountering a significant issue: its structure is severely flawed. Within this database, some contacts lack essential data, others are duplicated, certain entries are improperly formatted, and crucial information is consolidated within a single cell that needs to be splitted.

This predicament results in highly inefficient data processing and hinders effective communication on a large scale with potential clients or partners.

Kampajobs faced this very problem. Despite amassing over 4000 contacts, the task of transforming it into a cohesive, well-structured database complete with all requisite information proved to be quite formidable.

So, we started with:

  1. Clarifying the existing contact information held by Kampajobs. This encompassed the organization name, contact person’s full name, position, email, phone number, country, city, street address, zip code, registration date, and last visit date.
  2. Identifying data deficiencies and inconsistencies:
    • Some contacts were missing various pieces of information mentioned above.
    • Swiss cantons and languages were required to be included.
    • Certain data that should have been presented separately were consolidated. For instance, information such as street address, zip code, city, and country were merged and required separation on a larger scale to enhance segmentation options.
    • Duplicate contacts were present.
    • There was no capability to sort individuals by companies and vice versa.
    • The overall poor database structure prevented the filtering and grouping of data according to the desired criteria.
  3. Establishing an algorithm for data enrichment, cleaning and deduplication.

Further, Vera, our software engineer, will describe in more details how she managed to develop this data processing strategy, what obstacles she faced and how she managed to overcome them with success.

So, let’s see how Kampajobs database looks now.

To begin with, the database is now integrated into the nowCRM system, consolidating data into one centralized location. This minimizes the risk of data loss and facilitates data processing through filtering options, while also allowing streamlined communication and providing easy access to interaction history.

Furthermore, duplication has been eliminated, leading to an overall improvement in database quality, cost savings, and enhanced analysis and communication capabilities.

All contact information has been thoroughly cleaned and organized into appropriate fields and formats. This allows Kampajobs to conduct more effective audience segmentation and personalize messages accordingly.

Additionally, the database was enriched with the missing critical information such as emails, phone numbers as well as location and languages, providing a more comprehensive understanding of clients demographics.

Now, after having finished with the Swiss database arrangement, we were asked to proceed with German ones. Stay tuned to learn about our approach to tackling this new challenge.

By the way, we are really interested in your opinion. Feel free to share your thoughts on our solution or any issues you encounter while using your database, so we can come with advice.