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12 July 2024, by

Da wir immer mehr Feedback und Kommunikation von der Community erhalten, die jetzt nowCRM verwendet, würde ich gerne ein kurzes […]

26 June 2024, by

# Automating Fundraising Processes with N8n, RaiseNow, and Strapi I am Vera, as a software engineer at nowtec solutions, I […]

26 June 2024, by

Hi community! I’m excited to share an update on our project, nowWiki 🤔 We’re working on integrating a private Large […]

30 May 2024, by

In a rapidly evolving digital world, non-governmental organizations face significant obstacles in optimizing their operations for maximum impact. Despite the […]

30 May 2024, by

We are excited to introduce the latest features of nowCRM, including forms, data migration, and automated data enrichment. These new […]

9 April 2024, by

Imagine having a vast database that you take pride in, yet encountering a significant issue: its structure is severely flawed. […]

10 February 2024, by

It’s time to move to Bluesky! Ever since Elon Musk purchased Twitter, things have been going down there. Fortunately, new […]

26 December 2023, by

Dear Colleagues, We are excited to share our latest video on creating an AI product in 30 minutes using no-code […]

30 September 2023, by

GrapeJS as an open source Templating engine for emails and not only. We succesfully integrated GrapeJS templating engine in nowCRM. […]