The solution enables to visualize, analyze and forecast Bexio™ financial data as well as to track the time and human resources involved in project implementation.

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Derive financial insights quickly

Stop using Excel and focus on analysis and strategic planning instead of spending hours on consolidating information.

nowBI allows you to monitor your financial performance through ready-made graphical reports in real time, enabling efficient tracking of financial data such as: burn rate, balance sheet, paid and unpaid bills, all information about invoices and vendors and more

Enhance your forecasting potential

Refine your forecasting and decision-making via comprehensive visual representations of your data.Detect trends and patterns, pinpoint areas of opportunity or concern, and adjust your strategies and resource allocations more efficiently to foster future growth and success.

Level up your time and project management

Gain insights into project and task time allocation and identify areas for optimization. Utilize data to balance workloads, streamline project timelines, and accurately track billable and nonbillable hours.

Unlock the full potential of a cash flow & time management for better decision-making

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