30 May 2024, in

nowCRM: Developed by NGO professionals for NGOs. Elevate your communication and data management

In a rapidly evolving digital world, non-governmental organizations face significant obstacles in optimizing their operations for maximum impact. Despite the advent of CRM systems, these organizations are still struggling to tailor communication processes and data management to their unique needs.

Recognizing this gap, nowtec solutions AG has developed an innovative CRM system, named nowCRM, specifically designed to meet the requirements of NGOs.

nowCRM is a cutting-edge solution, empowered with essential features, allowing to NGOs to streamline processes, manage their data, enhance communication, engage with any stakeholders and optimise resource allocation like never before.

Data centralisation

How about keeping all your data regarding donor records, volunteer and any stakeholders information in one well-structured and centralised hub (Customer Data Platform CDP) , thus facilitating better data organization, efficiency, accuracy, and security?

By the way, one of the standout features of nowCRM is its simple and secure data transfer capabilities. NGOs can seamlessly transfer all their data from any database or third party solution like Freshdesk, Mailchimp, Stripe, Google Sheets, Gmail to nowCRM, ensuring smooth migration without the risk of data loss or security breaches.

Automated data enrichment and segmentation

By leveraging advanced algorithms, nowCRM automatically enriches contact databases with relevant publicly available information and segments contacts based on various criteria.

This innovative feature will allow you to save plenty of time and other resources, relieving you from having to collect data manually.

The possible automated data enrichment will effortlessly create large databases of various audiences like volunteers, beneficiaries, donors, mass media partners and other stakeholders. This automation feature will certainly boost your mission awareness and campaign results, enabling you to communicate at a large scale.

Forms: Two – way communication at scale

Interactive communication is another key aspect of nowCRM’s feature set. NGOs can easily engage with their audience through surveys via forms, gathering valuable feedback and insights to inform decision-making processes. This two-way communication fosters transparency, collaboration, and trust, ultimately strengthening the organization’s impact in the community.

Here are some examples, how NGOs can use forms:

  • Collecting feedback directly from beneficiaries and communities that would help to tailor programs and services to better meet the needs of constituents.
  • Gathering feedback from program participants, volunteers, and other stakeholders to assess program outcomes, identify areas for improvement, and measure overall satisfaction.
  • NGOs can collect information on public opinion, attitudes, and behaviors related to specific social issues or policy issues, helping to inform advocacy strategies and shape public discourse.
  • Additionally, surveys offer a way for NGOs to engage with their members and supporters, soliciting feedback on organizational priorities, campaigns, and initiatives. By involving supporters in decision-making processes and seeking their input, NGOs can foster a sense of ownership and engagement among their community.

Journeys: Automated multi-channel sending sequences

Furthermore, nowCRM facilitates automated message sending sequences through customizable journeys. NGOs can design personalized campaigns across channels tailored to specific audience segments, delivering the right message at the right time to drive engagement and action. This automation streamlines communication processes, allowing organizations to reach their supporters more effectively while saving time and effort.

AI-assisted content creation

With AI-assisted content creation and automatic adaptation for various channels, nowCRM empowers NGOs to efficiently create compelling content that resonates with your audience. Whether it’s social media posts, blog articles, or email newsletters, nowCRM’s AI capabilities help organizations craft engaging content, ensuring permanent and dynamic online presence.

After some iterations we have now a COMPOSER where human intelligence is added to AI-drafted content for the main channel content (i.e. eMail, Blog). Once the main channel content has been signed off, it serves as a base for AI-assisted content for all other channels (i.e. whatsapp, Social Media, SMS and more), thus making multi-channel outreach far more efficient an feasible for one single person.

In conclusion, nowCRM offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to empower NGOs to achieve their goals more effectively. By simplifying data management, facilitating interactive communication, and harnessing the power of AI, nowCRM enables organizations to maximize their impact and drive positive change in the world. With nowCRM, the possibilities are endless for NGOs looking to make a difference in their communities.