3 December 2023, in

nowCRM product roadmap

Nowtec Solutions follows a particulat path of product development where customer-facing approach is in the center of the creation.

Here is the roadamp for 2024.

End of Q4 2023: empowering nowCRM

  • CDP (Customer Data Plaform) features
  • Better usage of LLMs
  • More resilient infrastructure
  • Composer – tool for copies and social media planning – new UI and improvements.

Q1 2024: SaaS products and customers’ feedback implementation

  • Deploy SaaS for composer
  • Self-serving white label SaaS
  • Finetune composer, bring it out to a standalone SaaS
  • Work on data banks and data integrations
  • Member/User Journeys for e2e marketing automation.
  • Release for existing and new customers

Q2 2024: More automation, auto-campaigns, profiling

  • Cost optimization of the journey
  • Persona and segmentation by interest
  • Self-maintainable data
  • Enrichment of the data, insights anout contacts
  • More channels for pushing the media content

Q3 2024: Expansion and Customization

  • Implement feedback collected from customer surveys
  • Implement next-gen LLM
  • Enforce cocnsitency of the data
  • Govern all the automated proccesses, make sure automations are montiroed and evaluated properly

At the time of publish, this is the status of roadmap, of course, it’s constantly evolving and is being updated.