3 December 2023, in

nowCRM vs Identity

Nowtec Solutions AG was asked how does nowCRM / nowCDP comapres against Identity – a solutions that is used across a number of non-profits as CRM and as a newsletter tool. We decided to create a comparative table for this.

User InterfaceModern, neat, lite-weightBootstrap and Ruby on Rails
API IntegrationsFast integrations, out-of-box: payment systemsLimited integrations
AnalyticsAdvanced analytics with predictive capabilities and AI insightsBasic analytics and reporting
Marketing AutomationEmail and email templates, SMS, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and a whole list of channes, User Journeys, E2E automated communicationEmail
Data managementLimitless data model, CMS access, easy contact data import, list management, subscription management, multiple views and slicesFixed model,extensible in the forks Identity
AI, LLM, Machine LearningAuto enrichment, personas, profiling, scoring, self-hosted LLMSome ML features
Social Media ToolsComposer – a tool to create content with AI, instant publishing to a list of Social mediaNo Social Media Features
Performance OptimizationHigh performance, optimized for large datasetsStandard performance
Customization and ExpansionEasy integrations using n8n and other capabilitiesLimited customization options
LanguagesMulti-language, currently Engilish, German, French, ItalianEnglish
MaintananceCentrally managed as SaaS and montoredSelf hosted and forks
PackagesnowCRM, nowCRM+ (Enterprise), nowCDP (Enterprise)Forked on github