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Latest Updates on nowCRM’s Product Development

In recent weeks where we have achieved a number of exciting advances to make working with nowCRM more efficient and integrated:


We have added a form builder to nowCRM. You no longer need an third party tool to build forms, i.e. simple order forms, surveys, petitions. We will add themeing and embedability to the forms soon.

The forms addition is also meant to be the base to ingest and manage support tickets, stay tuned, we expect to present our v1 for support ticketing in the next two months.

Changes to the composer workflow

The composer, as you know, is meant to make content generation and publishing more convenient and efficient.

We have made some important changes to the composer workflow recently: first, the user selects the main output for the composition, i.e. Email , Blog etc.. Based on the prompt, a draft text is then generated, ready to be edited until it is good enough and ready to be used.

This approved text is then used as a basis for all other outputs for other channels like letter, social media, messenger. By adding this step to have approved, high quality content to create all other content we are convinced that the we can efficiently achieve a much higher content quality for all the other selected channels.

Journey evolution

In december and january, we have spent a lot of time on the evolution of our journey feature, thus enabling journeys to handle a broad array of automations that can be triggered by just about any value in the database. We have also added the option to create pre-fabricated journey steps in the settings that can be used like building blocks when creating new journeys.

Regular monthly Webinars

We have decided to organize regular monthly nowtec webinars around nowCRM, n8n-Automations, data ingestion and other tech stuff that we think is exciting and valuable for practitioners like you. Of course, there will also be space to discuss the product roadmap and feature requirements. The first webinar will take place on thu January 25th 11h30 CET and from then on on each fourth Thursday of the month. Signup here

Thank you for your interest, I am looking forward to see at our webinar next thursday

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